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Q1 2019 - In the Field

As one of the divisions of ShalePro Energy Services, the Gathering Systems Services Division is focused on providing services and solutions to the gathering and midstream segment of the natural gas industry. One of the services we provide is ILI Tech Support for some of the United States major producers in natural gas production.


We also offer a full range of pipeline maintenance services. We currently pig more than 100 gathering lines on a regular basis that make up more than 600 miles of pipeline. The pipelines range in pressures from 0 to more than 1200 psi and line diameters from 6 to 30 inches.

During the pigging process, any produced fluid that we capture then can be hauled off site to a designated location with our Vac Truck Services.

We also offer line location, leak detection and slip monitoring. With our leak detection equipment we are able to check pipeline right of ways and any above ground equipment that our clients need. We have also been asked to use are line detection equipment and mark pipelines to complete one calls.

In the gathering division we have employees with years of experience, as well as OQ training. This allows us to work on both DOT and non-DOT regulated pipeline systems. The gathering division is made up of around 40 hardworking and knowledgeable employees. Our trained personnel are available to travel all across the United States for days, or even weeks, at a time. We have assisted crews from Vermont to Florida and as far west as Colorado and Wyoming. With our geographic foot print in the Marcellus Shale region, we will continue growth in 2019.

Dani DeVito