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Q2 2019 - President's Remarks

While we always have safety as a top priority in the company, I wanted to really highlight the topic in this edition of the newsletter.

Through late fall last year, the company had made great progress on our safety results. Our lost time incident rate was at zero and for one brief month, in October, our recordable incident rate also hit zero. We invested heavily last year in expanding our safety team and presence and our results looked really good. Unfortunately, that story has changed. While we have not changed our focus and commitment to safety, our results have degraded.

Since last November we have had four recordable events and two lost time accidents, both broken legs and both easily preventable. This is unacceptable.  Myself and our entire management team is working with the safety department to help get us back in the right direction. Back towards zero incidents. But the group that can help the most is our field employees who are the ones most at risk every day. We need to be more aware, more safety focused, and look out for the other guy if we see them heading into a potentially dangerous situation. Three of our four recordable events and both the lost time accidents involved falling or rolling pipe. Don’t get under pipe, make sure pipe that can fall or roll is secured and if in doubt stay away from the potential danger.

It’s up to all of us to get us back on the path we were on last year. In addition to wanting all our employees to not get injured, accidents cost us money and increased insurance rates as well as potentially causing us issues with new client work. It’s bad on many fronts.

Thanks for your continued focus and heightened awareness going forward.

-Bill Johnson, President & CEO

Dani DeVito