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Safety is our top priority at ShalePro and we know that it's a priority to our clients as well. Before any of our employees step foot on your site, they have gone through our internal HSE training, as well as the Safeland USA certification. Our employees also participate in weekly "Tailgate Talks" and monthly safety meetings. Many are also trained in First Aid/CPR/AED, Fork Lift, Man Lift, and Confined Space.

When it comes to safety, we know that education is only part of the equation. Our dedicated safety team has more than 55 combined years of experience and ensures employees put their safety education to the test each day in the field. Our employees know that their safety, and the safety of the people they are working with, is their responsibility.

Because we know that each client is different, ShalePro is always compliant with any additional training requirements that are called for by our clients and are happy to tailor our training to accommodate our clients.


Areas of Service


Midstream services

ShalePro’s Midstream Services begin at the well pad and end at the sales point.  We have the knowledge and experience to fabricate, install, operate and maintain any type of midstream equipment.  Certified welding crews have the skills to meet customer needs from complete compressor station installations to custom fabrication, station piping, pig launchers/receivers, etc..  Post pressure testing and commissioning, ShalePro offers highly trained station operators, mechanics and pipeline maintenance crews to provide midstream operating services 24/7.  We contract operate hundreds of compressors ranging in size from wellhead units to 5,000 HP, suction scrubbers, dehydration units, coalescing filters and pipelines from 2” through 30”.  Pipeline maintenance crews pig hundreds of miles of line weekly to remove water and natural gas liquids.  OQ trained operators are available to conduct pipeline patrols (including DOT), Miss Utility pipeline locating, ILI pigging, cathodic protection surveys, and leak repairs.  We also operate small Distribution systems.  Our goal is to safely and cost effectively manage every aspect of midstream operations from construction through operations and maintenance.



Production Services

ShalePro Production Services start at the wellhead and end at the midstream point.  We have the knowledge and experience to safely hookup and operate any type of well ranging from high pressure-high volume-high consequence horizontal Marcellus and Utica shale wells through low pressure conventional gas, oil and coalbed methane (CBM) pumping wells.  Highly skilled crews of certified welders and operations and maintenance teams have the skills to hook-up single through multi-well pads.  Flow lines and production equipment are installed and commissioned per customer specifications then handed over to well operators who manage production operations and over 2,000 wells and associated facilities 24/7.  Well Operators are trained to safely handle well flowback operations and transition into production.    We operate every type of production equipment and have the skills to efficiently produce gas and liquids using various artificial lift techniques.  Conventional/Shallow oil & gas and CBM wells are operated with a focus on cost saving efficiency.  ShalePro offers support labor throughout the production process assisting frac crews with refueling and water transfer operations.  Our goal is to safely and cost effectively manage every aspect of production operations from the point of drilling through the point of sales.




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