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Q1 2019 - Safety Spotlight

Happy New Year!

As we start into 2019, we are challenged once again with keeping our employees working as safe as possible and preventing injuries and accidents. The cold and frigid weather is upon us creating workplace and road hazards every day at every job. It is up to us to take the time and identify those things that can cause us problems, correct the issues and eliminate the hazards so every one of us can return home at the end of the day.

We believe we have a positive safety culture here at ShalePro, we are committed to safety on all levels and we have set a goal for zero incidents and accidents. We encourage and promote communication regarding safety and express that during our safety meetings and pre-work tailgate talks. We promote employee training and try to simplify our required paperwork and permits. 

But we need your help! We need you to be the most important part of our safety culture. We need you to make the commitment to show other employees that safety is not just a buzzword, but a priority! We need you to share your knowledge and coach that worker on your crew that may not completely understand the job or task at hand.

We need you to be the one that takes the time to inspect your equipment or vehicle, the one that takes the time to make sure that tool being used is the proper one for the job. I realize we are very busy and are expected to become even busier, but please be the person that takes the time to slow your crew down, the one that identifies and communicates that hazard and prevents an injury or accident!

Let’s have a safe and great 2019!


The ShalePro Safety Team


Winter Related Safety Tips

Its that time of the year again when we can get ourselves in a bad situation just simply because of the weather. The following are a few tips to help keep us safe.

Be aware of Slips Trips and Falls due to the walkway and surface conditions because of ice and snow. Wear the proper footwear and clear or identify those areas that may be hazardous to walk on

Roadways and traveling are always more difficult this time of the year make sure you and your vehicle are prepared in the event of a vehicle breakdown or being stranded due to weather. Communicate your route to other workers and family, have a basic survival kit with dry clothes, flashlights and batteries and basic foods or snacks. Make sure your vehicle is road ready for the winter season to include tires, wipers and fluids. Make yourself and vehicle visible if alongside the roadway.

Realize the important dangers of hypothermia and frostbite, stay hydrated and dress in layers to protect you from cold exposure. Take breaks while working to re warm yourself and check on your coworkers. Stay dry and know the early signs of a problem developing that may include shivering and shaking, lack of coordination, drowsiness and confusion and slurred speech. Frostbite may include numb skin that is hard and pale, blisters or swelling and joint or muscle stiffness.

Dani DeVito