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Q2 - In The Field

Gary Crisp Shares the Vision of New ShalePro I&E Services Division

ShalePro Energy Services announced our newly formed I&E Services division on February 15th, 2019. Since that time, we have been hard at work visiting customers, building relationships and developing an understanding of what they expect from our team. It is through this understanding of expectations that we structure our team to meet those needs. Hiring has been at the forefront of activity in the first few weeks. We are looking for team members that not only have the technical skills required to perform, but also the qualities found in all of our teams here at ShalePro. Safety First, Character, Honesty and Dedication to always do the right thing. These qualities will ensure our customers receive the service required to meet their demanding schedules while building relationships that carry us through the many ups and downs in the energy sector.

 Customers have choices. Market price will always be a factor of supply and demand. To leverage price, we must differentiate ourselves from the competition and bring more to each touchpoint with the customer. This differential will afford us the opportunity to leverage price and receive a premium for the product delivered. This premium on price will add to the profitability of our group but only marginally. More important than price is how we operate our business and contain costs. With every person in our group focused on cost containment and running a best in class organization we can deliver a higher profit margin at market competitive prices. 

Our business model will have us working two different areas of operations. First, we will have a team dedicated to new well pad installations. This will include running conduit, pulling wire, installing transmitters, and installing emergency shut down equipment. We will also add service commissioning which will include calibration of all on-site equipment. Second, we will offer a Measurement & Calibration service which will be modeled after our well tending and compression service groups. This service will be scheduled and repeatable on a monthly basis. Overall, we expect to have 10 to 15 employees by mid-summer.  

Dani DeVito