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Q4 2018 - President's Remarks

As usual, the transition from summer to fall to winter seems to happen quickly as do the rapidly approaching holidays. By nearly all measures we had a good summer for our business. We continue to expand our work with both existing and new clients. This time of year we also start getting information from our clients as to what their plans are for next year. While those plans can sometimes change, it generally helps us to predict what we can expect in 2019. It is looking like a strong year with most clients telling us their activity level is expected to increase over 2018 levels. As such I suspect we will continue to hire new employees and expand our resource pool. Remember to tell your industry friends about us and help us recruit good people into ShalePro. As I look back to the beginning of 2018, I believe we have added some really good people onto the team which has helped us take advantage of many new growth opportunities. I plan to do a tour through all our office locations in early/mid December to give everyone an update on the company and allow an open Q&A session. While it is never possible to get all of our employees together a one time due to work schedules, I hope most of you can attend those sessions.


Our overall safety record is trending very good. At the start of November, our total recordable incident rate dropped to ZERO. This is always our goal and Iā€™m very happy we got there. Now we need to stay there. As we quickly head towards winter and the weather changes, please be mindful of the added hazards of driving, hypothermia, and potential slips on icy ground. Stay safe!

- Bill Johnson, CEO

Dani DeVito