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ShalePro CEO Rides in Breck Epic Race

On August 5-10 our CEO, Bill Johnson, and his son participated in the 10th annual Breck Epic Mountain bike race. The Breck Epic is a 6-day mountain bike race held each summer in Breckenridge, Colorado. The race covers approximately 240 miles and nearly 40,000 vertical feet of climbing. An added challenge of the race is that it is done at elevations between 9,600  - 12,500 ft above sea level where the air is thin and oxygen is hard to come by.

“My goal was to just finish and it gave me great motivation to train and get in better health during the four months leading up to the event," says Johnson. "I’m happy to say I made it although there were times when I thought I would quit. My total time was 36 hours and 12 minutes which is a very long time to ride a mountain bike in six days."

Not only was in a long six days, Johnson's journey through the Epic also came with a couple of bumps and bruises.

"I end up crashing 6 different times and although pretty beat up, luckily nothing got broken or seriously injured. The weather and scenery was spectacular and I even had a close encounter with a very large bull Moose.  I find it helps to have a defined goal (in my case, finishing the race) when working to make health and wellness progress. It’s fun and keeps you in good health.”

Check out the pictures from the race.